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Griff Electric Bikes services all Electric Bikes. Including tune up’s, brakes, flat tires, brake adjustments, anything that will allow you to safely ride on the road.  

Basic Tune Up: $69

Full Tune Up: $99

Flat Tire

Front: $30 (Add $15 for Tube)

Rear: $50 (Add $15 for Tube)

Slime Front and Back Tires: $40


Brake Pads Full Set: $85

Hydraulic Brake Bleed: $45 per Caliper (Includes New Fluid)

Brake Clean and Adjustment: $35

New Rotors: $40 (per Wheel)

New Brake Cable and Adjust: $30

Conversion to Hydraulic Brakes: $300

New Brake Lever: $50


Replace Derailer: $65

Replace Shifter: $45

Adjust Derailer and Lube: $35


New 26" x 4" Tire Installed: $125 (Add $15 for New Tube)

New 20" x 4" Installed: $100 (Add $15 for Tube)

Slime Front and Back Tires: $40


New Seat Double Spring with Gel: $40

New Shock Absorber Post: $30

All Pricing Includes Parts and Labor

Griff E-Bike purchase customers enjoy a 20% discount off all services.


Store Hours

Monday by appointment only.

Tuesday-Sunday Open 10am-5pm.


(760) 828-0775