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What began as an idea hatched over a Carlsbad family kitchen counter is now Griff-E Bikes, a local family-owned electric bicycle business in the San Diego area.   

John Griffin, thriving in his 60's grew up surfing the famed breaks at Grandview, Moonlight and Stone Steps – the same waves his children rode to cultivate the balance and grace that surfing, skating and cycling require. 

But an injury on the job at a construction site rendered John with permanent nerve damage. That ruled out enjoying the southern California shore the way he used to, until the discovery of e-bikes. With functions like electric pedal assist and toggle throttle, he found electric bikes served a new kind of freedom both he and his millennial children could enjoy together.  

His youngest son, Michael, a war veteran and critical care nurse, finds the Stone Steps mountain bike style of Griff-E bikes quenches his thirst for adventure.  

Middle son, Joseph, now photographer and filmmaker, spent four years as a pedicab driver in downtown San Francisco. He finds the Grandview style city bike perfect for grabbing groceries, towing a surfboard or hauling gear to make the next gig. 

Eldest daughter and principal of Griff E-Bikes, Caitlin, spent a decade in Chicago managing international supply chains for global food producers. She returned to the shores of her San Diego hometown to build an environmentally-friendly, grassroots business from the ground up.  

We’re Griff-E bikes. We grew up here. And we sell bikes here.