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52 Volt Battery & Motor Versus A 48 Volt Battery & 48 Volt Motor

52 Volt Battery & Motor Versus A 48 Volt Battery & 48 Volt Motor

The main difference between a 52-volt battery and a 48-volt battery for e-bikes is the power and performance. A 52V battery delivers better performance than a 48V battery. A higher voltage battery provides greater efficiency, with the battery using less electricity to provide the same or better power for the bike. Battery Life Tends to be much longer with a 52 Volt Battery.

A 52V battery is faster and more powerful than a 48V battery. Increased voltage means increased motor RPM, and your motor will spin more quickly as the voltage increases. If you need a little extra speed or power, you’ve got it. Higher volts translate to higher watts, increasing your power for climbing hills and riding into headwinds. You get more range if you’re not using that extra power for speed. You simply go further before requiring a recharge and the 52 Volt is your best option for a more extended range on one charge.

This choice is a must when doing your due diligence on an E-Bike purchase. Griff E-Bikes only offers 52 Volt Batteries & Motors. We know what gives you the best performance. Some of our Competitors will trick you by using a 52 Volt battery with a 48 Volt motor. Beware!

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